KRillustrations is run by Karis Richards, a digital illustrator and Greetings Card Designer from London. She has cultivated her distinctive, instantly recognisable style by drawing some of her favourite artists digitally. These studies feature bold outlines and can be characterised by their minimal feel, often with pastel backgrounds and prominent vibrant figures; drawing attention to her captivating compositions. Her work follows popular culture and she often chooses to depict modern icons, making her illustrations feel very fresh and current.

This is just the beginning of Greetings Cards from KRillustrations and Karis continues to produce her own pieces focused on those who inspire her, which she shares with her followers on her instagram @KarisRillustrations. 

WHY CARDS? I've saved every card I've received since I was about 10. I love an occasion and opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to me and this first collection means a lot to me. 

WHY CELEBRITIES? I wanted my first collection to be fun and to align with the content I've put out on my instagram. About the culture, for the culture. Seems it has stuck.

ABOUT THE CARDS - All cards are printed professionally in the UK on 330gsm Symbolcard paper (unless stated otherwise) and supplied cello wrapped. I've left them blank so you can write in them to your heart's content. 

Card Size - A6 (107mm x 152mm.)

SHIPPING - 1st Class shipping is via Royal Mail and costs £1.00. Please allow 3-5 working days from ordering for your card to reach you.

Shipping to outside of the UK costs £3.50. Please allow 7-8 working days from ordering for your card to reach you. 

ANY QUESTIONS? Drop me an email via the contact page for any other enquiries!